Seedlings in Egg Cartons

I was shopping at the dollar store yesterday and saw that they were selling seeds for $0.25 each packet.  So naturally I thought, what a small investment to possibly bulk up my garden. I had some left over egg cartons that I re-purposed into my seedling starters.  If I can avoid buying something new and … Read more Seedlings in Egg Cartons

Organization – Pantry and Freezer

Lately I’ve been a little bit obsessed with groceries.  Grocery shopping, saving money on that shopping, meal planning, and trying to not be wasteful but at the same time trying to keep things organized.  Last weekend I pulled out everything from my freezer and pantry, threw out the expired and set up a new organization … Read more Organization – Pantry and Freezer

Starting My Backyard Garden

Over the past 10+ years of adulthood I’ve dabbled in growing things.  As in plants in a pot that I water (when I remember to) and edible food stuff grows!  I’ve had moderate success with simple herbs like chive and parsley.  One year I tried to grow tomatoes and that was just a disaster.  I … Read more Starting My Backyard Garden

Afford vs. Choice

I hear it often.  “I can’t afford to do X.” “I can afford my car’s $350 a month payment.” “Why don’t you do X?  You can afford it.”  How we handle our Personal Finances is 90% the choices we make in life and 10% Murphy’s Law.  I’ve been shifting my thinking from wanting to live … Read more Afford vs. Choice

4/24-4/30 Grocery List

I got my weekly grocery store ads on Thursday. This week has been crazy busy so I’m just now getting to making my grocery list for the week.  Taking some inspiration from The Tightwad Gazette, I’ve created my own version of a price book.  Instead of a physical book I’m keeping mine up to date … Read more 4/24-4/30 Grocery List

4/15-4/21 Grocery List

Yesterday I got my weekly grocery store ads.  I went through each one and picked  out the items that I thought were good deals and then I went back through and crossed out the stuff that I didn’t need or things that weren’t worth stocking up on for the price.  Then I went back through and … Read more 4/15-4/21 Grocery List

Minimalistic (and Frugal) Chili

Not much makes me happier than coming home to the smell of dinner all ready to go.  I would love to give my husband the credit but today my slower cooker gets the glory.  I’m making an effort to cook through a lot of my pantry stock and I’ve had a bag of dried kidney … Read more Minimalistic (and Frugal) Chili

The Price of a Pizza

On the meal plan for tonight was a family favorite. Pizza!  I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who said that they don’t like pizza.  I like a whole variety of toppings on my pies but almost always in addition to pepperoni and black olives.  Tonight we used some of the ham that I got … Read more The Price of a Pizza