Beginners Watercolor Journaling Journey: Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

I love using different art techniques in my weekly bullet journal spreads and this week I broke out the watercolors. This isn’t the first time I’ve used watercolors in my bullet journal but it was the first time that I used washi tape along with watercolor paint. One of my favorite weekly spreads that I did was a purple crystal design where I was able to create different colored crystals by varying the water-to-paint ratio. As the paint on my brush was used, the colors became softer and more cloud-like.

I’m not a great artist but I do love the process of creating something pretty. Creativity is a muscle that I love to use and know that with time it will get stronger. This week I didn’t want to just paint my doodles, I wanted to experiment and create a design using some different art techniques.

Finding some watercolor bullet journal inspiration

Last week I found a really cool watercolor spread that I wanted to try out. In this weekly spread, the artist used a splatter technique that gave a sort of spray-painted look. I don’t have the tools that are needed to recreate this design so I took a more “inspired by” approach when doing my weekly spread.

How to create clean lines when watercoloring your bullet journal

For this design I started by sketching out my blocks for each day and lined the boxes with washi tape. If you’ve never used washi tape in your journal it is a multi functional tool that can easily add flavor to your layouts. Washi tape can also be used to attach magazine or photo clippings inside your journal. It can also be used as an easy flair for your borders.

I have yet to venture into full on washi tape land but I did order some cute gold and silver tapes to use later on. For this layout I used them to block off some blank sections of the page so that I could create some clean lines in my layout. 

I used some pearlescent watercolor paints for a bit more shine in my background. When painting in my journal I try to keep the page as dry as I can to reduce the amount of wrinkling that the water will cause. With the paper that I am using, there isn’t a way to keep the page totally flat once it is painted. In the inspiration photo the paint looked like it was airbrushed on, I was working with brushes so I got the paint on a flat end paintbrush and dabbed on the paint. I purposely left some white spaces to give the page a more textured look.

Once my page was mostly dry I removed the washi tape. This particular tape was easy to remove without damaging the page, it also gave me the clean lines that I was after. I finished off my weekly spread with some pink and purple using my Tombow brushtip markers and my favorite silver metallic crayola gel pen. I took this shiny spread and made it sparkle just a bit more!

Some other ideas for this type of layout design

Using stamps to create a pattern

Some of the paint dabs reminded me of animal foot prints, I really want to use the washi tape to block off the squares and make a background of stamped on cat paws. I may also be partially inspired by my own cat who decided to dig a big hole in my indoor planters. 

Using air to move the paint

One of the art projects that I did as a child was to take drips of paint and use a straw to blow the paint around creating viens of paint. This might be a fun idea for a workout tracking spread with some colored pencil drawings of a human heart. 

Painting on plastic and creating a stamped look

Another idea I have is to block out the sections with washi tape and paint directly onto a sheet of plastic or wax paper to create droplets of color. Then I could press the paper onto the droplets to create a fun pattern. 

Dealing with the rain

This has been a rough couple of weeks with all of the rain that we’ve been getting. I think it has rained for the past 12 days and it makes me feel a little bit cooped up. When the sun does come out we get out and walk around our neighborhood and ride bikes. I’m struggling with the guilt of not being as productive with my time as I could be. I want to make sure that I’m doing a minimum amount of productive things per day and that i’m being kind to myself if I need a day to just binge watch tv.

I tend to be indecisive with a lot of things and will want to take on more projects than I can handle. Right now I am super fortunate to be able to focus on hobbies right now. This is exactly where I need to be 🙂

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