A5 journal notebook with the word "May" in all caps with purple and pink butterflies flying diagonally across the page

Bullet Journal Purple Butterfly Theme: Jumping into Spring with Butterfly Doodles

Last week our neighbors invited us to the end of the road to watch the release of their butterflies. We were excited to see the progress via zoom pictures of the hungry caterpillars growing up. The big fuzzy caterpillars then took a nap in a chrysalis and then emerged as beautiful butterflies. They used this butterfly kit by Insect Lore to get up close and personal with this amazing transformation. 

A couple of days after the butterflies had their wings, it was time for them to be set free. Several of our neighbors gathered at the end of the road as we watched the butterflies warmed up in the sun. Each of the kids held out a cotton swab soaked in sugar water, in hopes that the colorful creatures would land and take a drink.

The top of the habitat was opened and right away one of the butterflies took flight bypassing the eager kids. The next 3 performed a similar dance and were out of sight in moments.

The final butterfly took his sweet time and we were able to get it to rest on one of the cotton swabs. It flapped its delicate wings as we all looked at its beauty. Then the final butterfly took to the sky and was gone.

Child holding an orange butterfly

I was inspired and ready to get my own schedule back on track

April was a bit of a rough month for my schedule and although I was using my bullet journal every week, I didn’t take the time to make it as pretty as I normally do. 

I decided to leave my job due to a pay cut and increase in workload on top of the stress I was already feeling trying to juggle an active 4 year old with an 8 hour work day. We are approaching the one month mark since I made this change and while I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot in these past weeks, I know I can do better.

I’ve gone through this big transition in my life, which makes butterflies a fitting theme for this coming month. If April was the messy month of deciding to hide in a cocoon then May is when I will emerge as something radiant.

Of course I started with Pinterest and gathered a bunch of cool ideas for my cover sheet and monthly spread. Here is a link to the board I created if you want to see what inspired my bullet journal this month.

My May cover sheet and monthly spread in purple butterflies

I took out the fancy markers that I bought for journaling and set up my daughter with her own journal alongside mine at the kitchen table. The journals that I buy are super affordable so this is an easy way for her to use the same things that she sees me using all the time.

I let her use my markers while I worked away on my spreads, which in hindsight was probably not the best idea. Thankfully a few damaged marker tips will not spoil my day. If I was more of an art perfectionist I might have been a little bit sad. Next time I will set her up with some sturdier markers that are made for kids. 

Here is what I used this month to create my monthly cover and monthly spread. Yes I know I bought a marker set that was marketed towards kids. I consider art skills about on par with a child’s so no harm there!

How to Draw Butterflies when you are not good at art

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not an artist. I’ve always enjoyed spending time creating something creative and celebrating my baby steps towards improvement. My butterfly doodles turned out ok. If you squint while looking at them you might swear they were real. 😉

A5 journal notebook with the word "May" in all caps with purple and pink butterflies flying diagonally across the page

I haven’t had any art classes past my pre-teen years so the fact that I can manage any sort of coherent drawing makes me proud. What I lack in experience I make up in ‘how to’ internet searches. 

Here is a thorough technical guide for drawing butterflies: https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-draw-a-butterfly-step-by-step–cms-28682

I have drawn butterflies before so I started with outlines of what I wanted in the colors for each butterfly. I then filled in the wings with a monochrome pattern. Once the colors were filled in I went back over the doodle with black. This defined the shape of the butterfly and added detail to the wing pattern.

Don’t want to draw? Make use of Butterfly stamps and stickers!

I feel lucky to have a daughter because when she gets art supplies I get to use them! Granted, she uses them way more than I do. But the fact that I can borrow a stamp or her watercolors is so nice. It allows me to dabble with new art styles on a whim before investing in adult level art supplies. 

If you don’t want to spend time drawing butterflies by hand you can make use of stamps. It’s an easy way to get a high quality looking image with clean lines. I used several sea creature stamps on the ocean life spread that I created after a trip to the aquarium. 

A fun tip for using rubber stamps is to use markers to ink the stamp instead of buying a bunch of different colored ink pads. Lightly draw on the stamp with a marker to tie in your design with your drawn lines. Use caution when trying this since you can easily ruin your marker tips if you apply to much pressure.

Here are some stamps if you would like to create your own butterfly bullet journal theme.

Another cool way to incorporate butterflies into your theme without having to draw them, is to use stickers. I try to keep an eye out for stickers anytime I go to the grocery store. A lot of the simple stickers can be purchased cheaply. If you are looking for something fancy and specific then I will check the craft stores.

I love these stickers by MayMay Stationary on Etsy. If I had planned ahead a little bit better I would have picked these up. 

I’m happy to be back on track

Sticking with new projects is something that’s difficult for me. I tend to get “shiny object syndrome” and will drop hobbies that are fun in favor of something new.

How are you all doing this month? Have you decided to start a bullet journal for the first time? Or if you have already done your spreads what theme did you use? If you post your bullet journal on instagram, let me know and I’ll drop you a follow!

Have a great month and happy journaling!

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