Bullet Journal: Workout Tracking

There’s a Mark Twain quote about eating your frog and my husband likes to think that I made up something so wacky and weird but the truth is I can’t take credit for it but I do use it a lot.

The idea is that you do your most unpleasant task first and for the rest of the day it will only get better. This is what I want working out to be – that unpleasant task that I just get out of the way.

My goal was to start getting the to the gym during my lunch break at work. This worked for a while but became hard to do during the busy times at work.

I wish I was one of those people that could wake up at 5 AM and get to the gym every day. I tried! And maybe I can do couple times a week if I try, but for right now this is not my life. I am not a 5 AM gym-goer.

Focused and Fit.  Time to lift some weights and build those muscles.  It helps me reduce my back pain and build my strong curves

I am I am a make it to the gym twice a week kind of a girl.

Even though I’m only go to the gym twice a week I want to say that I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. ’m feeling the best that my body is felt in a while and my clothes fit great and even though my weight is a little bit higher I think I’ve packed on a lot more muscle so everything fits me better

So let me talk to you about the goals that I set for myself last April my goal was to:

  1. Go to the gym four times a week shouldn’t be too hard right?
  2. I wanted to get through the strong curves bootyful beginnings workout.

Life happened and I ended up prioritizing other things above going to the gym. I lost momentum and a little bit of progress in weightlifting. But now I am re-committed to getting through this weightlifting program.

I really wanna see what it does for my body and if it makes me feel better.

In the past I’ve suffered from chronic back pain and sciatic problems. I tried all sorts of different medications, visited chiropractors and doctors.

The only thing that seems to have lasting affect is when I lift weights. I’m not talking about lifting really heavy.

Even lifting those little 8 pound dumbbells make a difference, heck even if I was doing the exercises without weights and made a difference.

I guess what I’m trying to say is when my muscles were stronger the pain went away. My body had healed itself.

I do notice that if I start to neglect my self-care and miss one too many of my gym sessions that sometimes the pain will come back. It just means I need to get my butt back in the gym.

Progress Tracking

Tracking my progress during working out is one of the things that have been motivating me to keep going forward. Being able to work my way up to squatting heavy weight makes me feel powerful.

All last year I used google sheet to track my lifts and it works! This year I wanted to switch to keeping a paper log so that I would 1. not overwrite my old logs and 2. have something pretty to review when looking back.

I see so many people at the gym with paper logs so I am definitely not out of place. If you are looking get into weightlifting, I recommend any of the routines designed by Bret Contreras. He puts out a ton of good videos on youtube if you need guidance on how to perform a lift.

I bought the Strong Curves last year and reference the book frequently. My advice, if you are new to lifting take it easy the first workout. I was hurting after that first day and should have done it all with just body weight.

My bullet journal for the strong curves program by Brett Contr

I love using my bullet journal to track all sorts of things. If you want to read about how I got started journaling you can read about it here.

This is a 12 week program and while this isn’t my first time going through the workouts I have yet to get through all 12 weeks. Usually I make it to week 8 and redo the week 5-8 workouts until I fall off the wagon.

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