Bullet Journal Youtube Influencers to Binge Watch for BUJO Inspiration

I’ve been obsessively watching bullet journal Youtube videos for the past several months. I am still very much a beginner and by no means an artist, but I love watching these videos for inspiration.

Here are some of my favorites for this week, go give them a follow!


Mochibujo is a youtuber named Hedda who is a student based out of Norway. She uses a big variety of techniques including hand lettering, painting, and printable kits that she makes herself. 

She has a calm personality and encourages her viewers to maintain perspective as to why you want to journal and to give yourself a break if journaling becomes too stressful.

In May she created a Animal Crossing theme that anyone can get inspired from.

Seed Successful You

Seed Successful You has the type of spreads that I see people sharing EVERYWHERE. Her video style is minimalist and visual. I can watch her hand letter alllll day. Her work is so pristine.

In May she used a peach colored pallet to create a floral theme. As always I love her lettering!

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Jenny Journals

Jenny Journals is a painter that creates works of art for each of her journal spreads. She encourages her viewers to learn and grow their own creative skills while she creates mini masterpieces.

For May she used watercolors it creates a beautiful greenhouse theme with lush greenery and as always created professional-looking works of art.

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