Your (My) Perfect Kitchen Storage

Most of my problem with my current pantry set up is that I have a vague idea of what is in there, my daughter only knows where we keep the fruit snacks and my husband can only see what is on top of the piles.   It would be fantastic if everyone would just eat all … Read more Your (My) Perfect Kitchen Storage

Children’s closet organizing

When I first found out that I was pregnant with a little girl I was committed to a frugal upbringing.  One of the first things that I started searching for was second hand clothing and shoes.  As I collected pairs of shoes for later use I needed a way to stay organized and know exactly … Read more Children’s closet organizing

Ambitious Sunday Goals

Last week end we had a big storm that swept through North Carolina that gave us some power instability, closed roads and a curfew in my area.  We spent the whole weekend with my sister in law’s family so that if we got stuck somewhere with no power we would at least have some company … Read more Ambitious Sunday Goals