Scatter-brained and need more hours in the day

I’ve been all over the place lately.  I have so many projects and goals that it’s hard to keep up with myself. What I really want to do is put on a cape and organize and clean my whole house, own my own bookkeeping/consulting business, earn my CMA, cook dinner every night all while spending … Read more Scatter-brained and need more hours in the day

Establishing Good Habits

It’s a new month and a clean slate.  My little one is on the verge of crawling so now more than ever do I want to keep my house in order so that I can spend my time watching her learn and grow instead of worrying about her putting random things in her mouth. I break … Read more Establishing Good Habits

Home Decor Projects – Yard Sailing for Deals!

I am in search of some killer deals for my house this summer.  I set a deadline for the last day of August because if I don’t give myself a deadline then years will pass and I still won’t have my living/bed room furnished.  This worked really well last year when my daughter was born … Read more Home Decor Projects – Yard Sailing for Deals!

Seedlings in Egg Cartons

I was shopping at the dollar store yesterday and saw that they were selling seeds for $0.25 each packet.  So naturally I thought, what a small investment to possibly bulk up my garden. I had some left over egg cartons that I re-purposed into my seedling starters.  If I can avoid buying something new and … Read more Seedlings in Egg Cartons