Guide: Create a Minimalist Living Room Sanctuary

Are you ready to create a minimalist living room sanctuary? Minimalist decor is a hugely popular and budget friendly style to embrace. Not only can you achieve this aesthetic at little to no cost but you will find that in your minimalist space that you have much less cleaning to do.

The living room is where a lot of our rest relaxation takes place.  Where we wind down after a long day of work. Would you like to create a minimalist living room? Would you like to make your living room a calm sanctuary?

In this post I will show you the general guidelines for creating a minimalist living room. Your life is not a one-size-fits-all and your living spaces shouldn’t be either. Because of this, I will also show you how to make this space your own.

In general this is what it takes to create a minimalist living room:

  1. Minimal Furniture
  2. Functional Storage
  3. Decor is limited
  4. Good Lighting
  5. Clear surfaces
  6. Quick cleanup

A minimalist living room doesn’t always have to be sparse with white furniture. Don’t be afraid to have a room that looks lived in. Focus on the function of minimalism and make the aesthetics what you please. 

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Minimalist Living room furniture

When looking at furniture I like to start with what I have and think about how I’ve been using it our current layout has a couch and arm chair one side table and a coffee table. The coffee table has been in and out of our living room depending on our phase of life and my current whim
but think about how you use your living room do you like to read in there is no place that you hang out talk is it where you take naps is it where the children play all these questions are important when you’re designing your space designing your space

Furniture I like to keep simple it should be relatively easy to clean if you have kids or pets or do you like to eat on your couch you want material that can clean up easily

Furniture I like to keep simple it should be relatively easy to clean if you have kids or pets or do you like to eat on your couch you want material that can clean up easily. Four tables I like having the option to have small drawers to hold our remote moat controls or deca-cards

Functional Storage for your minimalist living room

For storage I like having storage options that blend in with the current pieces of furniture that we have if you have built-ins for your entertainment center like I do you can use baskets that fit in the space when shopping for new storage make sure that you measure the space that you were trying to fill before going to the store

you can also opt for having some storage in plain sight such as a large basket on the floor for throw blankets or an ottoman with built-in storage

Decor is limited

Decor is one of those areas that I feel strongly about having less is more it clutters up a space to have a bunch of knickknacks out in the open. You may like having something pretty combined with something functional, like an ornate lamp. As Marie Kondo asks: Does it spark joy?

Importance of lighting in a minimalist living room

Lighting is the number one most important element to creating a calm space. If you have good natural light make sure you are using it. Add additional lamps or hanging lights where needed to make the space functional.

Why we want clean and clear spaces in a minimalist living room

A clean clear surface exists for it to work for you if you have a table next to your favorite chair it is only there to be a surface for you to put your wine glass it exists so that you have a place to put your book between chapters. It’s a place for you to set your remote so that you can easily hit the skip bad or next episode button skip add not skip bad

We want to have sparse surfaces because they’re easy to clean. Dusting is a much simpler task when you only have to move one or two items instead of seven. If you happen to spill your glass of wine there are less tears because with a blank space do you need only to grab a towel and wipe it dry

Should you have small items for aesthetic purposes let them be items that you love looking at. Being a minimalist isn’t about getting rid of everything it’s about highlighting the few items that you love. Being a minimalist isn’t about getting rid of everything it’s about highlighting the few items that you love

General rules for quick clean up

I wanna start by saying that I love having a clean house but I hate the act of cleaning it. Tidy spaces should be set up in a way that they are able to be put in a presentable manner in 10 minutes tops. This doesn’t mean a deep cleaning of all the cracks and crevices and baseboards but it does mean that I can run a cloth over the surfaces and clean the floors in a quick manner.

Can there be toys in a minimalist living room?

I’m not going tell you that toys do not belong In a minimalist living room is in the living room. This room is supposed to be lived in. I think that play should happen wherever it makes sense to play. Some children have large bedrooms with big open spaces others have a den or basement or playroom.

For my family the living room is where my daughter plays. It makes sense for her to play here because I can see her from the kitchen and she can see me which is very important for a four-year-old.

Living room with brown carpet and a few toys.
This is not the cleanest that my living room could be but it does show its usual state. We keep large toys out for my daughter to play with. Small toys get stored in the baskets under the TV. Don’t mind my unvacuumed carpet.


We’re all seeking to be happier in our spaces by living with less. We want less visual clutter, less things to dust and clean and by living with less of this we end up with more time to spend as we like.

A minimalist living room doesn’t need to be clean crisp monotone white or completely sparse. Minimalism doing it with less, making it work and doing without.

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