Guide: How to declutter your bathroom

Do you ever walk into your bathroom and get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff there is? Today I’m going to talk about turning your bathroom into your own private spa.

The bathroom is where I want to go to warm up and decompress.  There is nothing more calming than a soak in a hot bath. I’ve been known if I need to get away to just give myself bath run myself a bath grab the iPad and watch some Netflix

The bathroom is one of the hardest rooms for keep clean.  No matter how you use it, it’s always going to get dirty. There’s always going to be soap residue or toothpaste splatters. It’s hard to keep up with!

This is why I added bathroom cleaning into my routine. 

I need to be able to spin around in a circle and wipe a cloth on some surfaces and be done!  That is the dream isn’t it? Or maybe the dream is to have the bathroom clean itself.  

The next best thing from instantly, forever clean counters is to make it easy to keep up.

Here are the preliminary steps to create an ideal minimalist bathroom: 

 Clear Counters

This means clear of everything except for hand soap. That means anything that would normally sit on top of the counter needs to be in a drawer or in the medicine cabinet.  This includes toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, vitamins, hair brushes, deodorant and hair product. All of that needs its own place that isn’t on top of the counter.. 

You may be thinking yourself I don’t have enough storage in my bathroom.  Trust me, I’ve been there. I once lived in an apartment that had one bathroom with no shelving and only a small storage area under the sink.  The sink was so small that it didn’t allow for anything to sit on top.


I think this is a great time to add additional storage if you can fit a small shelf on the floor do it if you do not have room you can get an organizer that will sit above your toilet tank and the same goes for inside the shower if you don’t have ledges to put your so products you should get some sort of organizer to hold all that


Number to towel rods are functional item you need them to be in a good position in the space and if they’re not you may need to add some. In my current master bathroom the only towel rod sits about 10 pieces away from the shower over the garden tub this is not an ideal place for the towel rod since we will not be walking from the shower to get the towel that far away would be very likely to slip on the wet tile and die a terrible death due to head trauma then we would be able to reach that towel

So we added some hooks over the top of the shower because towels are necessary as part of the showering routine no one shakes dry like a dog although it might be good exercise I’d probably hurt myself so this is a necessity


As I said earlier in this post, I need to work cleaning the bathroom into my routine.  Here are some things I need to do daily:

  • Wipe Counters
  • Wipe down Shower/Tub

There are some things that I need to make part of my Friday night cleaning. Yes, I do weekly cleaning on Fridays, my life is super exciting!

  • Sweep/Spot Clean Floors
  • Clean Toilet

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