Hot Pink Butterfly Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

This week I continued my butterfly theme with a minimal weekly spread. I improved my technique with the header drop shadows by using a straight edge to create clean lines. I am not great at freehanding straight lines and I need to keep that in mind. The color pallet I used for this week was dark purple and hot pink which just is so vibrant that it leaps off the page. 

The more I doodle butterflies the better I get. I found some good reference photos for these doodles and I’m very happy with how they turned out.

Keeping things creative in my bullet journal

When it comes to most things in my life, I need a good amount of variety to hold my attention. I’m the type of person who gets bored at my job after 2 years and the type that will pick up and put down hobbies all the time. I have so many interests and Bullet Journaling is one of my latest obsessions.

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The reason that I love keeping a bullet journal is because it creates a useful tool for me and also lets me use some of those creative artistic muscles. I love trying out new techniques, which is why you see my spreads change a lot from month to month and week to week. 

My purple butterflies turned out just the way I wanted, I’m still obsessed with using metallic gel pens for accents

Will I eventually find a favorite journaling style and settle into a routine? Maybe. But for now, I’m happy to bounce around from markers to gel pens to watercolors to whatever else is new and exciting.

How I keep from getting overwhelmed by bullet journaling

It is so easy to get discouraged by bullet journaling. When I was first starting out I would try to emulate these elaborate spreads with habit trackers and a lot of the other popular layouts that I saw all over Instagram and Pinterest.

My first few months of using a bullet journal were a little bit rocky. I would create a spread that I liked but then would not end up using them. It had to first create a tool that I would use so that my bullet journal was fulfilling its destiny.

Instead of getting discouraged and giving up on the idea of bullet journaling all together, I modified my approach so that I was creating something that worked for me. 

I love to keep checklists for my daily and weekly work, so that was something I incorporated in my bullet journal instead of keeping separate lists. For some reason, I originally didn’t want my messy checklists in my bullet journal since I had some fantasy idea of how my bullet journal should look. 

Pink block headers with grey drop shadow for bullet journal
This week I used vertical space for my days to allow me to create bigger task lists and also keep daily thoughts in one place.

Now I keep all of my daily tasks in my bullet journal so I have a reason to reference it all day. Since I always have my bullet journal open and near me I have been flipping back to the other pages that I wanted to use but typically would forget about.

I’m trying out some new brush tip marker pens from Tombow and Aen Art

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I ordered two new sets of markers this week one set of cheaper markers to try out, and give to my 4-year-old daughter to use. The other was a small set of Tombow brush tip markers since I have seen so many other bullet journalers talking about them. 

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I’m happy to report that both sets of markers do in fact mark-er. I am not very experienced with hand lettering so I’m not really able to tell the difference in quality. Maybe someday when I know what I’m doing.

If you would like to try out these markers for yourself you can find them on Amazon. Here are the links:

Tombow Dual Brush Pens 10 pack

Aen Art Dual Tip Art Marker Pens 

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