How to Declutter Bathroom Towels

Today I want to talk to you about bath towels. How many do we really need?  

I’ve had stacks and stacks of towels for a long time and it didn’t really happen on purpose.  

We had one set of towels each when my husband and I moved in together. Then we got another set of towels gifted to us for Christmas. 

Of course we had beach towels and then we got another set of towels when we moved to our new house as a housewarming gift.

Here is my linen closet after I minimized the towels.

We were swimming in towels!

So how many towels does Household really need? Do we need one per person?  Do we need one per person including the amount of guests? Does that one per person include our beach towels?

Me and my husband have been together for a long time and he usually doesn’t care if I get rid of things.  I try to check with him before I get rid of things he uses just in case he does have any objections. Towels was one of those things that he asked me to keep.

So what I do when there is an objection about whether we should get rid of something or not. I stuck the towels it in a tote in the garage, out of sight to see if we actually miss them.

I did this with our oldest towels last year and I’m happy to report that we did not miss them and they ended up being turned into rags.

This time around I’m looking to reduce our towel collection even further. I did find that I’m going to the gym more so I want to have an extra towel for my gym bag. Maybe a second towel depending on how often I’m going to the gym. I don’t always get time to wash my gym towel every day.

We still have about 20 towels somehow in my house and only three people to use them

So here’s my math:

We have three people that live in our house so will keep three towels plus three beach towels. I will keep two towels just for the gym.  That brings us to a total of eight towels total for our household.

So you may wonder what will we do when we have guests over.  My plan is to have our towels clean before guests arrive. Guests will take our good towels. My husband and I can use beach towels that week. 

I feel like this is a pretty good working plan. I’m going to make sure that I store the extra towels in our garage until we decide whether this works. 

Goodbye extra towels!

My parents are going to come visit us in a couple weeks and I’ll be sure to report back my findings.

So go count your towels RIGHT NOW! How many towels do you have in your house?

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