Meal Prep: 4 easy ways to get started

I’ve been meal prepping for many, many years. I’m always looking for tips to take my meal prepping to the next level.  

Whether you are just starting out or a meal prep veteran, here are some steps you can take TODAY to improve your meal prep.

Freezing your chopped veggies

Anytime I have to chop up a pepper or an onion and the recipe doesn’t call for the whole thing I will measure it out extra and put in the freezer.

This way when the next recipe calls for peppers or onions all I have to do is empty the bag and that’s one less onion I have to chop.

This mainly works for chopped veggies that will be cooked. Freezing can change the texture of your vegetables so I only use the frozen veggies in recipes that cook the chopped veggies.

4 easy ways to get started meal prepping

Making your own convenience foods

Anytime I making taco meat I’ll cook about 5 pounds worth and freeze it into half pound bags. This way if we want need a quick meal, all I have to do is defrost the taco meat. Now I just need to find a way to meal prep margaritas.

Meatballs is also one of those foods that I’ll make a big batch and freeze because they keep so well. We use meatballs in spaghetti or other recipes.

Meal prep drinks

There’s nothing better than fresh juice to citrus when you’re using a recipe.

Whenever I have a spare hour I’ll juice a bunch of citrus like lemons or oranges and freeze it into ice cube trays.

Then it can be used later in marinades in it drink recipes. I make lemonade frequently. 

Shred your cheese

Anytime you buy pre-shredded cheese there’s a lot of extra ingredients included that make it not stick. What I like to do is shred some cheese with my food processor and freeze it. 

Save time and money by shredding your own cheese and meal prepping

Do one thing today!

I challenge you to do one thing today to meal prep. The key to successful meal prep is to do a little bit at a time. As you do a lot of small tasks they all add up to a ton of time savings!

Let me know in the comments what you did today to meal prep!

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