My Funny Flour Project

One of my favorite things to do is experiment in the kitchen.  A couple of years ago I started dabbling in gluten free baking and did a lot of my Christmas cookies gluten free.  The problem with all of these gluten free baking recipes is that most of them require a mixture of a lot of different flours to give you the desired texture.  This left me with a lot of expensive bags of mostly full specialty flour sitting in my pantry.


I’ve tried to pawn the stuff off to my gluten free co-workers to no success.  It seems that they also have purchased funny flour for recipes that they haven’t gotten around to using.  The minimalist in me wants these gone so I can have my pantry space back but I hate being wasteful so I’d prefer to use up this stuff instead of throwing it out.  Most of the recipes that I’ve found only use a couple tablespoons of the funny stuff along with 4 cups of regular flour to bake something.  I don’t want to bake 20 loaves of bread to use up one bag of potato flour!

I recently went to reddit with my dilemma to ask if anyone knew some uses for these products.  Most people said to substitute directly into other recipes.  I’m probably not going to do that for anything that requires cups of flour because these types do bake very differently than all purpose flour.  One redditor did post this recipe that I’m going to try on friday since we have pizza on the meal plan 

I’m looking for ideas to use these flours, if you routinely use these ingredients give me your recipes!



2 thoughts on “My Funny Flour Project”

  1. Uh, do you happen to live in Brisbane? I’m trialling a gluten free phase right now and would gladly take them off your hands haha 😉
    Potato flour is good to use for coating before deep fry… it’s what Asians use instead of breadcrumbs.
    Tapioca can be used as cornflour/thickener in everyday cooking.
    I think I’ve seen Xanthan gum in vegan cheese recipes, if you had wanted to make that by any chance 😛


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