My Minimalist Entryway

Let’s talk about entryways!  I know it’s a hot topic and the. It’s your home’s first impression and where you are welcome home after a long day.  It’s like a pair of big open arms welcoming you inside.

I love my current entry way for it’s big bright, airy space and calming feel.  

In our current home that we are renting the formal dining room sits right off the entryway. Since my family has no use for a formal dining room I turn this into a formal seating area. My entryway is set up in true minimal fashion it is sparse but flows right into the areas that I want you to see first.  I have a cozy seating area with big windows which is perfect for reading.

Organize the space

You’ll notice that I don’t have any storage near my front door and this is on purpose. Too many times have I included a bench or chair right off the entryway and it becomes a catchall for bags purses and any other stuff that we bring with us in from the car. 

A couple years ago I wanted to challenge myself to use our front closet for all of our storage and I’m pleased to say that it’s been working!  When I get home I bring everything with me from the car. I’ll hang my purse on the hook in the closet my daughters school bag also has a hook and my husband’s work bag goes on the floor of the closet. We keep one coat per person in this closet. I currently store vacuum in there as well which may change as my daughter gets older and needs more room for her things. 

So my goal for my entryway is to give a great first impression for my home I want to be calm and inviting and I also want it to be easy to keep it clean

What I don’t want it to become as a catchall for junk I don’t want to make our entryway the place where we through our book bags and purses and all sorts of other random stuff I want to continue to have a place for everything and everything in its place

Natural Light

We’re currently house hunting so I’ve seen a lot of different layouts of houses and a lot of different entryways. One thing that is a deal breaker for me on any house is lack of natural light.

I love our big windows in our rental.  It just brightens my mood to be able to enjoy the sunlight while hanging out inside.  

Our current entryway has a great view of our front yard with several big windows.  Not only does the natural light brighten my mood but it also makes the space seem bigger.

Natural Light makes this foyer (entryway) warm and inviting

BONUS: “Where are my shoes?” 

I try to keep them near the front door and even then I try to only keep one pair per pair of shoes per person. If we had storage for shoes near the front door I think that might get a little bit messy and disorganized.

For some it’s a really good solution to keeping your shoes in one place. If we only have one pair of typical work shoes or one pair of sneakers it works well, but if you have more than a couple pairs of shoes, the shoe storage doesn’t really work in your mudroom because you’re gonna want to be putting your shoes on when you’re getting dressed in the morning.

Of course I don’t know if the house we end up choosing will have a mudroom or built in storage for the entryway or mudroom but I like to think that we would keep most of our shoes upstairs in our closets and use the mud room or entryway storage just for one or two pairs of shoes

Keep it simple

When decorating your entryway remember to keep things simple. For a minimalist; less is more. Maintain that open airy feel and your home will be inviting.

This seating area off the foyer or entryway is my kitty’s favorite spot.

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