Cooking from Scratch – Pulled Pork& Lentils

Cooking from scratch is a learned skill that anyone can benefit from.  Not only will it save you money in your food budget but you also cut out a lot of the pronounceable ingredients that processed food often consists of.  I try to make as much food from scratch and freeze what we won’t consume … Read more Cooking from Scratch – Pulled Pork& Lentils

Budgeting Basics – Getting Started

We’ve always lived below our means but up until a few years ago we didn’t live by a budget and we didn’t have a path to our financial goals.  We each had our own ideas about what we wanted to do with our future pile of cash (assuming we could get one). It was an … Read more Budgeting Basics – Getting Started

Linen Closet Organized in 20 Minutes

This summer we are planning on doing some changes to our house.  Minor renovations to the kitchen and turning our formal dining room into a living room.  This has been the kick in the butt that I need to start purging a lot of the long standing stuff that has been gathering dust.  This week … Read more Linen Closet Organized in 20 Minutes

What is Minimalism?

There aren’t strict rules to being a minimalist, I won’t tell you to get rid of you car or that you can only own 100 material items. I won’t tell you that you are not a minimalist if you have a junk drawer in your desk or kitchen. Being a minimalist is a frame of mind. It’s reducing life’s clutter so that you get more out of your existence.