Purple Butterfly Weekly Spread with Brush Tip Markers and Metallic Gel Pens

I wanted to share with you all my weekly spread for the first week of May. This month I am using a purple butterfly theme which I shared some of the monthly spreads in this post. I am finding a lot of calm in drawing out the patterns of the wings. I’m no artist but I can create a halfway decent sketch if I have a good reference.

My 4-year-old daughter who is always ready to make some art sat down at the kitchen table with me. I gave her a dot-grid journal of her own so she could join me when I journal. This has been an activity that we have been doing together each week and I’m really enjoying this mother-daughter time.

What markers and pens did I use?

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I’m using the Crayola Signature Crayoligraphy Hand Lettering Art Set which came with a good mix of dual-tip markers with the brush tips and gel pens. This set was inexpensive and looked like an easy way for a beginner, like me, to try out some different marker and pen types. So far, I’m loving this set and would recommend it for dipping a toe in the dual tip or brush tip marker lettering world.

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For this butterfly theme, I picked only the pink and purple tones from the marker set that I had. For the accent colors, I used a light grey and a metallic silver gel pen.

I decided to spend a bit more time on my big butterfly for the art element. Finding some inspiration, I tried my best to copy the general patterns for the wings.

I first sketched the butterfly with a pencil and then went over the sketch with my main colors.  Once this doodle was colored I went over the lines with black or grey. Finally, I used the metallic silver to add some accents. 

Using a Monochrome color pallet

The slight variation in this monochrome theme turned out well. I used different shades of pink and purple to add a little bit of variety while keeping things in the same general style.

My weekdays were a pink background with a silver metallic gel pen for the lettering. I tried out adding a grey drop shadow to the day headers for this week. To be honest, I’m not crazy about how the drop shadows turned out. I need some practice with the shadows or to find a better method for this type of headers.

I sketched out some simple blossom doodles quickly in pencil and then used grey as an outline color. The butterfly doodles up the side of the second page I originally outlined in pink and then decided that I would rather use metallic silver. I really love how shiny the gel pen accents and lettering turned out.

I’m very happy with this weekly spread and also that it only took me about 30 minutes to draw. I’m debating using a similar layout for next week or wondering if I should change it up completely. I typically will change up the weekly layouts to something completely different which is partly being on Pinterest too much and part shiny object syndrome.

Bullet Journal Videos, maybe?

I’ve been seeing that a lot of bullet journalers will do top down videos of their drawing and decided to try that for my last couple of spreads. I like how the videos look but they seem to be super long. I’m not sure if I want to edit and post these videos somewhere since it looks like I may need some expensive editing software to get them to look like how I want.

I hope you enjoyed this weekly spread. I would love to hear your comments – Do you use a bullet journal? What themes have you been loving lately?

Happy journalling!

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