Simple Weekly Butterfly Spread and My Ideal Day/Life writing prompts

This past week was a whirlwind of family illnesses and late nights. In my over caffeinated and tired state I neglected to plan out an elaborate weekly spread.  I usually like to take my time and spend about an hour planning, sketching and coloring my spread for the week. BUT, this week got away from me and finished is better than not. 

I know that this is not your typical #bujoinspiration but I want to share my process, warts and all. 

Weekly Spread in 10 minutes or less

I made a quick sloppy sketch of a butterfly to keep my monthly theme going strong. I’ll be honest, a child over the age of 4 could probably have done a better job on the art this week but THAT’S NOT WHAT’S IMPORTANT! What’s important is that I got it done! I have a functional spread that I can use to plan out my days. Not every spread needs to be instagram worthy.

This was one of those weeks where I just needed to get something DONE

On top of all of the other challenges that I faced last week I was not able to get on a good sleep schedule. So my big goal for this week is to not stay up too late each night. Part of what will help me with this goal is limiting my caffeine consumption. I’ve been drinking way too much soda and energy drinks. So I’m going to allow myself to drink caffeine until noon and then switch to water.

Keeping my values in mind

This week I incorporated a writing prompt page for the values that I want to focus on in my life.  I named this “My Ideal Life” but I think that’s too broad of an idea.  I should have called this “My perfect day” or something along those lines. This page will serve as a backdrop to a journaling page. I plan to letter out the things I enjoy doing during the day that makes me happy.

I wrote down the things that make me happy and I want to keep these in mind when I plan out my time.

Procrastination is not my friend

One of the main reasons I started a bullet journal is to help me be more productive during my day today.  It also lets me look back and see the goals that I set for myself during the month. 

I have always had a problem with procrastination, why do something now when I can do it tomorrow? This is definitely a habit that I’m working on.

My big goal for this coming week is to do my weekly spread ahead of time and also sketch out my June monthly and weekly spreads. I haven’t decided on my theme yet and want to do something that is a bit more unique than the normal summer fun and food type themes I see a lot of. 

Inspiration for next week

I found a few cool butterfly bullet journals to use as inspiration.  I want to use a few art techniques that I haven’t tried yet. I love this splattered look and clean lines around the day blocks. I’ll be trying out something similar to these spreads by @artkristic  

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