6/5 – 6/11 Grocery List

Grocery ads are here!  That means I get to plan out my weeks shopping trip.  I’m not much of a shopaholic but I do love a good bargain.  If live in Connecticut and you can follow along with my grocery shopping.  As a general rule I set the following price ceilings for meat: Whole Chicken … Read more 6/5 – 6/11 Grocery List

Exploring Bread Making

Baking bread has been one of those elusive skills for me (like keeping plants alive)  It doesn’t seem that hard to do, since I can follow instructions pretty well.  And yet, when I try to make bread it just doesn’t turn out how I imagined. I already figured out that one of my problems was … Read more Exploring Bread Making

Monthly Meal Plan for June 2016

It is the beginning of summer and the time for losing weight!  We are changing our eating habits a bit when it comes to how we are getting our calories.  In general we eat well balanced meals.  All of our dinners have a protein, vegetable and starch.  The ratio of those three foods could use … Read more Monthly Meal Plan for June 2016

5/15 – 5/21 Grocery List

You are not imagining things.  I did not post a grocery list for 5/7 – 5/14 because I didn’t plan on grocery shopping!  I am so well stocked that I didn’t need to get anything.  We ran out of milk on Thursday but that’s OK, we can wait.  I am on the lookout for a … Read more 5/15 – 5/21 Grocery List

Garlic Hummus & Pita Chips

I love hummus.  I almost feel guilty for eating a bunch of it for breakfast most mornings but it keeps me satisfied till lunch time. It is so easy to make and you can make many different variations. My favorite flavor if hummus is roasted garlic. I’ve been using a modified version of this recipe … Read more Garlic Hummus & Pita Chips

Freezer Fruit Rescue – Peachy Strawberry Margarita and Blueberry Muffins

When ever I don’t get around to eating my fresh fruit right away I always pop it in the freezer to avoid wasting it.  I had about 2 cups of blueberries, 3 cups of peaches, and 2 cups of strawberries.  So the easier answer to using this fruit would have been to make some smoothies. … Read more Freezer Fruit Rescue – Peachy Strawberry Margarita and Blueberry Muffins

The Tightwad Grocery Challenge (April)

So it’s the start of a new month!  We all love fresh starts, its a time to reflect on past performances and to set new goals.  I sat down last night and categorized my grocery receipts as I was updating my price book.  I am pretty pleased with the Tightwad Grocery Challenge results for April. In … Read more The Tightwad Grocery Challenge (April)