The Best 9 Brush Tip Marker Pens for Bullet Journal Calligraphy

Completely DIY, a bullet journal is a personalized system of entries that helps you to keep a busy life organized in the most simple and creative way.

With a bullet journal, you get to use bullet-points and catchy phrases to keep track of your deadlines and progress, as well as plans that you have made and ideas that you have. It is a to-do list, planner, and diary, all in one beautiful journal!

Bullet journal calligraphy is mostly used as headings for new pages, or to draw attention to something you are noting down. The best type of pen for bullet journal calligraphy? Brush tip marker pens!

Imagine the most amazing marker you’ve ever used and a perfect stroke paintbrush, shrinking into a sizable pen-size for easier use –That’s what a brush tip marker pen is, with so much more to offer. We can start by talking about the amazing delivery and richness of smear-free inking, which is literally the best part for every user.

The easiest way to identify the best brush tip marker is by highlighting these three major features; the speed at which it dries, the flexibility of the tip, and the absence of smearing. Brush tip markers dry incredibly fast, making it almost impossible to smear while writing, drawing, or shading with them.

In terms of flexibility, the fact that brush tip marker pens draw both thin and broad lines, depending on the pressure applied to the tip, they can be used by any, and everyone. Recently, the use of brush tip marker pens has become a crowd-favorite for bullet journal calligraphy. To pick the best brush tip marker pen for bullet journal calligraphy, check out the reviews below!

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The Best Brush Tip Marker Pens for Bullet Journal Calligraphy Reviewed


Arteza Dual Brush Pens TwiMarkers

These brush-tip marker pens are the very meaning of practicality and compactness. It is a pack of 100-color brush pens with dual sides; one with a precise, fine tip, and the other with a broader brush. The dual ends make it the perfect option for bullet journal calligraphy, scrapbooks, posters, and other artistic designs and decorations.

The Arteza double-tipped markers are also the best brush tip marker pens for use because the ink is mostly water-based which allows it to dry fast and stains on skin can be easily removed with the application of rubbing alcohol, baby oil, tea tree oil or even nail polish remover. Its unique tips, coupled with the variety of colors make this pack the best brush tip marker pens for bullet journal calligraphy.


  • Multiple colors available | The dual brush pens come in a pack of 100 colors that includes almost every color gradient imaginable. Although some reviews state that some packs contain two of the same color, it is still an impressive selection of colors.
  • Dual Tipped | With two different tips, it is the perfect brush pen because it helps to improve control by constantly practicing with both. It also helps to avoid minor errors as the fine tip won’t give a wider delivery on paper.
  • Clear Barrels| Nothing is worse than running out of ink at the oddest time, it can really affect your creative process. With this pack, you don’t have to worry about that. The barrels are clear so you can see the level of ink for the pens.

Pentel Art Brush Pen

This is our top pick option of brush tip markers for bullet journal calligraphy because of the sturdiness of its tip. It is excellent for making the thin careful strokes to create an outline, and also capable of filling in the width that defines the calligraphy –making it the best brush tip marker pen for both beginners and those with more experience in calligraphy.

It is a pack of colorful brush tip marker pens containing 12 different colors to help you create aesthetic drawings and writing in your bullet journal. Despite its high-end price, the Pentel Art Brush is the best option for having all you need in one single purchase!


  • Ink variation | The pack of Pastel Art brush pens contains a diverse selection of colors ranging from very light shades to very dark shades. The colors of pen markers available in a pack include the standard neutral Black and Gray, some gradients colors of the rainbow (Red, Orange, Green, and Blue), and some additional shades to give more room for creativity (Lemon yellow, Brown, Pink, Sky blue, Light green, Turquoise, Olive green, Pale orange, Steel blue, Yellow-orange, Sepia, and Purple).
  • Control | As a result of the weight and ease of use for these brush pens, they allow you to have great control while lettering or shading.
  • Coverage | This pack of marker pens is highly reviewed for its amazing coverage, making it the perfect choice for bullet journal calligraphy, as well as other bullet journal designs like doodling.

Hethrone 100 Colors Dual Brush Pens Colored Markers

With one side having a fine-tip pen and the other having a highlighter-shaped brush, this set of colored pen markers is the next best thing to add to your stationery list. The Hethrone pack consists of 100 vibrant colors, ready to bring your calligraphy to life with well-defined strokes.

The dual-tipped brush pens are an excellent choice for practicing bullet journal calligraphy with the highlighter end, while the finer pen-like tip is a great option for taking notes and making lists. These features make the Hethrone colored markers a must-have for bullet journal keepers, especially those interested in bullet journal art and calligraphy.


  • Pigments | Each of the pens has an ink cartridge with vibrant pigments that delivers great quality on either the finer tip or the broader highlighter-styled end.
  • Functionality | With two different tips, the set of colored markers helps the user to do more using the same pen. You can fill in the smaller spaces of your doodle, or make big calligraphy lines with the other end of the pen. It is a very practical choice of brush tip marker pens for bullet journal calligraphy.

We also recommend:

GC Quill 100 Dual Tip Brush Pen Marker Set

You can expect nothing short of perfection from this set of marker pens by GC Quill. While it is a dual brush tip marker pen set with flexible brush and fine line tips, it also has an additional benefit for bullet journal calligraphy because it dries fast without smudging the paper or surface.

At one end of the pen is a fine tip that is used for drawing precise lines and taking notes, at the other end of the pen is a wider tip with the broader features to help with design and calligraphy. With 100 colors in a pack, it features all the primary colors that you will need for lines, detailing, doodling, and of course, bullet journal calligraphy.


  • Color variety | A pack of brush tip marker pens with 100 colors is the perfect choice for anyone willing to explore their creative sides. There are gradients for most primary colors and accurate representation for secondary colors as well. It is almost impossible to be at a loss for the color to use in your bullet journal with this pack.
  • Firmness | The fine line tip and the wider brush tip have the excellent sturdiness that allows you to exercise control and create beautiful, accurate lines. This is especially important for bullet journal calligraphy as the lines need to be precise and vibrant, and this product delivers both excellently.
  • Affordability | The features of the marker pen set and the price at which it is available to make it an absolute win for anyone who purchases it. While it is quite affordable, it also delivers top-notch quality.

Arteza Real Brush Pens

Arteza designed this brush tip marker pens with the idea of delivering quality to every creative person. Having all the features of the 100-color set, this 24-color set is a more affordable value pack with extra benefits.

The pen-shaped tip can be used with water to create an amazing watercolor effect for experienced artists, or those who are in the learning process. The ink is also vibrant and can be used without water to create dry calligraphy and designs.

They are a relatively affordable choice for artistic perfection by all users and they work great for bullet journal calligraphy designs.


  • Water blending | A brush tip marker pen that also works for creating watercolor designs is absolute perfection and nothing else can be said! The tips can be dipped and blended with water to create the dazzling drizzling effect of watercolor designs.
  • Pigmented | Each of the pens in this 24-color pack is highly pigmented and creates vibrant designs with the water-based ink.
  • Practical | This pack is simply the best brush tip marker pen set for bullet journal calligraphy because it gives the required colors at an affordable price.

Ohuhu Art Markers Dual Tips

This is a pack of 60 brush tip marker pens that come in a stunning variety of vibrant colors that span the entire spectrum of colors. They are also dual tipped, which means that one end is a thin-shaped fine line delivery pen, while the other is broader and softer to create wide lines.

Each pen is capped with its color for easy identification and the package also comes with a round container that allows users to store and use the markers without stressing.

If the tips fray, you can easily change it out with the included replacement tips that include three brush tips and two fine-line tips.


  • Flexible tips on both ends | The fine-line and brush tips are on separate ends and deliver different strokes but there is a level of flexibility that allows for easy use, especially for bullet journal calligraphy.
  • Fast drying | For writing and calligraphy, using ink that dries quickly is always helpful to avoid smears and that is exactly what you get with this product. It dries really fast and that gives you premium quality in your creative expressions.
  • Wide color spectrum | The range of colors in this pack are the perfect expression of every aesthetic thought imaginable. They are the best brush tip marker pens for bullet journal calligraphy that is expected to be colorful and vibrant.
  • Extras | Complete with 60 different colors, the package also comes with a round container for storing the pens and replacement tips in case of fraying edges on either side.

GC Quill 72 Colors Dual Tip Brush Pens

In need of a versatile and flexible collection of brush pens? This is the perfect answer. The GC Quill pack of 72 pens with dual tips is the best brush tip marker pen to use in achieving clear or thick lines with accurate control, blending, and flexibility in stroke delivery.

The broad tips work as paintbrushes with super strokes that are simply amazing when used for bullet journal calligraphy designs. The finer tip, on the other hand, is the best brush tip for making clear, precise lines and perfect for creating lists in your bullet journal.

When it comes to colors, you know you can’t go wrong with 72 vibrant colors, ranging on a wide spectrum, to give the final touch to your drawings and designs.


  • Ink flow | The dual tips have great ink flow that doesn’t leave room for smudges and splotches. The brush tip has such an amazing flow that it can be used as a small paintbrush.
  • Vibrant colors | Each of the 72 colors are well pigmented and come out vibrantly. Both tips of the pen are capable of creating beautiful writings and images, particularly helpful in bullet journal calligraphy.


Keebor Dual Tip Art Brush Pens

The design of this pack is so compact that you can’t help but take it with you everywhere! With 24 pens of standard colors, this is the ultimate set for anyone looking to get the best brush tip marker pen for bullet journal calligraphy while staying on a budget.

Each pen has a flexible tip that can be used to create fine, clear lines or broader lines, with a bit of pressure on the brush. They also create a stunning watercolor effect, especially with the included water brush pen.


  • Great quality of pens | The pens in this 24-color set are made with amazing quality, despite the budget-friendly price. You don’t have to worry about the tip fraying or any other timely damage so you can simply continue to use them as the best brush tip marker pens for bullet journal calligraphy at your own pace.
  • Vivid, vibrant colors | 24 colors at an amazingly affordable price? You have every reason to be cautious but, with the Castle Art pack, you can rest assured. The ink flow is amazing and the colors are well pigmented to create vibrant designs.
  • Compact | The pack is quite portable and can be taken on trips to keep you occupied with bullet journal calligraphy. An added benefit is the fact that the compactness doesn’t chip away at the quality, so you still get the same quality and beauty.

Aen Art Dual Tip Art Marker Pens 

If you are particular about details, then this is the best brush tip marker pen for you to use in bullet journal calligraphy. A 24-color pack of marker pens with dual tips, the Aen Art product is designed to bring out the creativity in you.

The fine tip is perfect for making lists in your bullet journal while the broader, brush end is all you need for the upscale calligraphy lettering. Both ends have incredible ink flow that delivers vibrant colors with a flair that doesn’t smudge or stain but instead, dries fast.


  • Flexible and convenient | The pens in this pack are flexible to use in writing, highlighting, and designing. They are a convenient option for bullet journal calligraphy to create amazing designs with dual tips that can be flipped at ease.
  • It does not bleed | It is so amazing that none of the tips create splotches of ink and it dries up so fast that it doesn’t bleed across or under the page.
  • Highly pigmented | Unleash your creativity with 24 aesthetic colors that are highly pigmented for a vibrant design, the best set of brush tip marker pens for bullet journal calligraphy on a budget.

Frequently asked question for brush tip markers:

Q: Can a beginner use brush tip markers?
A: Yes! Most brush tip markers are designed with simplicity so a beginner can definitely practice their techniques with a set. However, it is important to know that perfection comes with continued practice so if you have smudges or stains, don’t worry about it as a beginner. If you are just learning how to draw, design or paint then you may want to start with some coloring pencils to master your lines then move on to brush tip markers to learn strokes and painting techniques.

Q: Are brush tip markers a must-have?
A: If you are interested in art, design, and of course, bullet journal calligraphy, then the answer is YES. They are a valuable collection for making vibrant, aesthetic designs on a lot of surfaces.

Q: Do brush tip markers work on cardboard?
A: Yes. Brush tip markers that are of great quality can be used on almost any surface, including cardboard. Although, before using your brush tip marker on cardboard, you should check and make sure it is a brand that won’t ghost or bleed to the back of the cardboard.

Q: How do I use a brush tip marker to make a poster?
A: Depending on the surface or material you are using to design the poster, you may be able to use a brush tip marker on it. With the right surface, like regular placard paper, you can make use of a brush tip marker for the design and writing.

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