The Next Chapter for Bonnie

This past Friday was my last day working at my job.  With all that’s going on in the world I consider myself lucky that my family will not go hungry.  We JUST bought a house a month ago and unlike the first time we bought a house, this time we had saved up our down payment and then some.  

This is not the ideal situation to be in but I know that there are so many more families that are hurting so much.  My heart hurts for the 78% of workers that live paycheck to paycheck and won’t be able to survive for long without help.

Why I Think NOT Working Full Time is a Blessing

My company decided to do a wage cut as well as laying off a portion of our admin staff.  So this means that I was working more, for less money and there was no end date in sight. I also have a daycare aged child and I could make the same amount of money working 15 hours as a freelancer then I would make with my full-time salary less daycare expense.  

This means I would get a LOT more time back in my day if I play my cards right.  The day that I gave my notice I was able to pick up a freelance writing job that should be about 2 weeks worth of work.  

Counting my Blessings

So far we are getting through these times and it’s not too bad.  We are a bit of an introverted family so we are doing OK staying at home. We have been healthy with the exception of the normal seasonal colds.  

What I’ve been doing while stuck at home

Created a New Schedule

I’m waking up at 5 am every morning  

I’m on my second week of waking up before the sunrise to get in a workout and some quiet time to do some writing.  I think the only way I’m able to make this a habit that I can stick to is if my schedule for the rest of the day remains flexible.  Right now I know that I can take a nap if I need to and so I don’t stress about only sleeping 5 hour last night.

Eating at normal times  

I’ve had flashbacks to my retail days where my schedule was always changing from day to day and week to week. I would normally snack when I got hungry and would rarely make myself a good, balanced meal. So I make it a point to eat a good dinner each day.

Getting outside

Having a young child kind of forces me to stick to the schedule for her sake.  If I am not able to get her outside to play each day she gets a bit grumpy. This was something that was very hard to keep up with when I was working my full-time job since there were often busy days where I wouldn’t get to take a break.

I know I feel a lot better when I get out in the sun. I’m thankful that we live away from crowds and can wander around our neighborhood without having to worry too much about how close someone is standing to you.

Household Tasks

Since we just moved into our house last month I am still setting up everything how I want it.  I’m excited to write about all of my organizing adventures. I’m making sure that I keep up with the cooking and cleaning just so I can feel happy in our space.  A clean and pleasant space is making me feel at peace when being restricted to our home.

Working Out

I have some dumbbells and an elliptical in my home and have been doing the Strong Curves weightlifting program for the 3rd time in a year.  I love this program and feel great when I’m able to consistently stick to it.

I plan on creating a new bullet journal spread to track all of my lifts. I’m looking forward to making some lifting gains and building back up my strength.

Leaning in to My Passions

Part of why I am happy that I am no longer working for 50 hours per week is now I have all of this time. I have already been spending more time writing and planning out what I want to write going forward.  

I’m also excited to spend more time on my hobbies and learning some new skills that I’ve been interested in. I’ve been interested in learning to code and I really want to spend some time on that.

Freelance Writing

I’m super excited to be writing some online tutorials for a software company for the past week.  I’m able to make more per hour than I was making in my job as an employee. Of course, I do not expect freelancing to be a reliable source of income.  I am going to allocate some of my time each week in pitching companies with my ideas.

Spending Time With My Daughter

This is what I’m most excited about. I’m happy that we ended up where we did as a family.  My daughter has one more year before she will start going to school. If I can spend more time with her why wouldn’t I?

At nine am this morning my daughter and I did some baking. It’s one of my favorite things to do with her but we haven’t had a chance with all of the unpacking and work to do. 

I want to do a lot more cooking and art projects with her. 

This Might Not be Forever

While I’m hoping to bring in enough income with freelancing, for now, I know that I may end up going back into the working world eventually. Since we were able to meet our financial goals and build up some savings I’m comfortable exploring what truly makes me happy.

I’m excited for this new chapter in my life. Stick with me and you’ll be in for a wild ride!

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