Week of Keto Mealplan #37

Earlier this year I found myself in a bit of a slump.  I was doing the same routine each week, mostly cooking the same things and when I felt annoyed by the meal I had planned to make that night I often would order takeout for the family instead.  I needed something new to cook!

I went on the low carb/keto diet with some friends from work and really liked the types of food that were showing up in my recipe searches.  The four of us were taking turns cooking meals for each other so I only had to worry about cooking my one meal per week for lunch. In my first week of eating low carb/keto I lost 10lbs and I’m happy to report that after 6 months I have kept those 10 lbs off! I’m officially back to pregnancy weight!

I’m a firm believer that each person needs to find a way of eating that works for them. One huge benefit of my trying the keto diet was that I figured out that the chronic heartburn that I was taking daily medication for was caused by all of the candy and sweets that I was consuming.  I have a major sweet tooth and had completely cut out all sugars for the sake of sticking to this new way of eating. I was able to get off the medication that I had relied on for years and now I just eat sugar free candies if I’m craving a sweet or I make low sugar versions of treats like my favorite Almond Joy Bonbon recipe.  

During my time eating low-carb/keto I found a free weekly meal plan that had a consolidated color coded shopping list. It has 5 dinner and 1 lunch meal listed so you have some room for a leftovers night or for eating out.  The best part besides this being FREE is that you can browse the past posted lists http://meals.weekofketo.com/  

I’ve been saving a lot of time since I don’t need to scour the web for recipes and then make a shopping list based on those recipes that I picked out.  When I make my own weekly plan with new recipes, the whole process could take me an hour or more of time that I would rather spend doing something else, like hiding out with a book or taking a bath. 

I’m a bit picky when it comes to what I feed my family. I like to cook from scratch as much as possible and want to stay away from processed foods.  When cooking low carb most of the meals are automatically healthier and less processed

I use google docs for a lot of things, including my weekly grocery shopping list so it is a system that I am already familiar with.  Today before I made my weekly trip to the grocery store I went through the recipe list and asked my spouse if he wanted to veto any of the meals on the list. 

Only one meal got removed this week, so I went through and removed all the items on the shopping list related to that meal, which was easy to do since it was color coded.

From the weekly plan I had 3 meals that stood out as superstars

I made these mainly to the recipe. For the pork meal my grocery store didn’t have any pork loins so I used a small roast instead dropping the temp to 325 and letting it cook for about 40 minutes. The Beef and Kale skillet was probably my favorite and I forgot to take a picture.

Here is my take on the Dijon Parmesan Pork. The marinade gave this a nice flavor.
The Spinach Artichoke Chicken Casserole will definitely get made again. Next time I’ll try not to burn the top! XD

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