Weekly Meal Prep in Under 2 Hours

This week I will be a super busy at work so doing a little bit of meal prep was essential. I spent an hour and a half on Sunday will save me at least half hour each night.

Having our meals prepped for the week deters me from getting takeout which saves us money and we eat healthier because of it.

My Sunday got away from me so I didn’t start cooking until about 7pm.  I bought a cooked rotisserie chicken so all I had to do was strip the meat from the bones and we were good to go.

In 1 ½ hours I made: 

  • Salads for lunches
  • Chopped up chicken and onion for my keto chicken taco soup I’ll make on Wednesday
  • Made a batch of chicken stock that simmered overnight in the crockpot
  • A beef stew to go on the crockpot on Monday
  • Cooked sausage, green beans and spaghetti squash

I was really happy with all that I managed to get done this past Sunday.  Too many times it would get to be evening time and I would skip my meal prep.  

Meal Plan for this week:

  • Mon – Beef Stew
  • Tues – Pork Roast – my husband is making this XD
  • Wed – Chicken Taco Soup
  • Thurs – Leftovers
  • Frid – Leftovers
  • Sat – Eggroll Bowl
  • Sun – Leftovers or Meatballs

Since our schedules are so tight I love having a meal plan and knowing exactly what we are eating each night.

Here are some reasons that I meal prep:

1. Time back during the rest of my week

If I don’t meal prep for the week, and it does happen occasionally, I will end up spending the first two hours after I get home cooking, eating and cleaning up.  I’d much prefer to just do the eating part!

2. Less stressed about getting a meal on the table

Who doesn’t want an extra hour in their day to do all those tasks that we’ve been meaning to get around here or an extra hour to just relax. 

3. Healthier meals and no takeout

I’m proud to say that we haven’t ordered an emergency pizza in over a month.  When we do order pizza I want it to be planned and not a last minute decision because I ran out of time.

4. We have different meal options 

Since I cook multiple things at once we can pick and choose the leftovers that we liked the most.  Also, if my four-year-old doesn’t want to eat what I made for the night she can always eat one of the other prepped dinners that we have on hand.  

5. we have a lot less food waste 

Because I plan for that week and we do our best to eat everything that I make not a lot ends up in the garbage.

Thanks for reading about my little Sunday Meal Prep routine.  If you found this helpful and would like to see more of this type of post, please let me know in the comments!

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