What is Minimalism?

I’m not a very sentimental person.  I don’t keep things around to just keep.  Until recently I didn’t know that I was a Minimalist.  My mother is a minimalist and I am a minimalist.  I keep things only if I plan to use them.  Otherwise I send them out into the universe to hopefully serve a purpose in someone else’s hands.

There aren’t strict rules to being a minimalist, I won’t tell you to get rid of you car or that you can only own 100 material items.  I won’t tell you that you are not a minimalist if you have a junk drawer in your desk or kitchen.  Being a minimalist is a frame of mind.  It’s reducing life’s clutter so that you get more out of your existence.

Minimalism isn’t restricted to the amount of stuff that you own either.  Its ideals can influence how you budget your finances, cook your meals, spend time with your family, landscape your yard, etc.

Three years ago we purchased our first home and at 1600 sqft and a HUGE kitchen I had plenty of places to store everything we owned.  Some of the cabinets in my kitchen seemed to fill up on their own (my mom liked to give me kitchen gadgets that she didn’t use, and consequently I also didn’t use).  I got things that I knew I would never use and kept them because I had space for them.  Now I have a linen closet full of sheets and bottles of lotion I don’t use.  I own a waffle maker and I’ve never made waffles, a pizza stone that I hear makes your crust super crispy (I wasn’t impressed by it).  It’s time to PURGE!  Good bye pizza stone, yes that is a wave crimper from the 90s.  I’m preparing for my first ever yard sale!  We shall see what sells and what ends up making its way out into the world for free.


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